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Genie is out and Multipass is in!

Here are the details!

  1. Genie+ will not be call Lightning Lane multipass and Individual Lightening lanes will now be called Lightening lane single pass.

  2. If you are staying on property you can make selections for your entire trip up to 14 days starting at 7 am 7 days from check in. There are a few caveats to that, if you are in the US you cannot make any selections until you are in the US. Also It does not roll out until July 24. Eligible hotels are Disney hotels, shades of green, and swan and dolphin.

  3. If you are not staying on property you can book 3 days out and are able to book for the length of the ticket. 

  4. If you do not have a date based ticket and still need reservations you can book up to three days out for each day you are going. Annual Passholders have to have a theme park reservation to use this service or you have to book lightening lanes for after 2pm on days where you can enter after 2. Same 3 days booking applies to APs as non date based tickets. If it is a good to go day, passholders can make any reservations up to 3 days out. Just like with making park reservations your resort stay takes priority and the above 7 days/length of stay is what you would use.

  5. Both of these things are like it was with fastpass where on property you booked at 60 days out for your whole trip and not on property was 30 days out and you have to do each day. Personally I am really glad all the disney springs hotels are not included because that was part of the problem previously. Also it is a huge perk for staying property.

  6. Booking rides: Right now you can buy genie for one park or multiple parks. Going forward you can only pre book your 3 rides for 1 park. Once you have used your first LL you can book your next one. So you can hold 3 at a time. That next one can be for another park, so they are basically “giving” you the park hopper genie. Again this is pretty much exactly how fastpass worked.

  7. Lightening lane single pass will also be bookable 7 days in advance.You will be able to see what times are available before you purchase the ride.

  8. You will now be able to purchase the lightning lane single pass and multipass in one transaction.

  9. Tiered groups: Just like they were doing with fast pass before it was retired you pick one of the better rides from tier 1 and 2 rides from tier 2. An example for MK is ….

  10. AK does not have tiers.

  11. You will be able to purchase this in the same places you found it before, the home screen of MDE, the tip board, or new lightning lane tile on the menu screen. You will also be able to see all booked experiences there.

  12. If you try and game the system and book a room to try and get the 7 day advantage and then cancel some of the days or rooms your choices will be canceled within 24 hours. The passes themselves will not be canceled or refunded, just your rides canceled.

What do you think of the new system? Once we get to try it in August we will bring you another show on how it actually works in real life.


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