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The Dining Plan is Coming Back!

Announced May 8, 2023 the Disney Dining Plan is coming back! It will have some changes though.

Let's start from the beginning. Disney announced 5 new changes for 2024. Packages open May 31, 2023 and here is what you can expect!

Now these are some awesome updates! As a travel agent not having to explain or make park passes is HUGE. As well as being able to add the dining plan. Food is probably the biggest variable of planning for any Walt Disney World trip. Even if you break even or slightly lose money on the dining plan, there is nothing better than having it prepaid and just scanning your magicband when you want something. It truly takes a lot of the stress out of the vacation and makes it feel more all inclusive.

I do hope the genie+ plus changes make it a little more like fastpass+. It will never be free again, but being able to preplan and be in the moment with your family on vacation is priceless.

We will have a whole show covering all of this and I hope you will listen along. What are you most excited about with all these changes?

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